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Jacobs Telephone Contractors, Structured Wiring Specialists  


Jacobs Telephone Contractors will provide an installation crew to perform: cable placement, termination, splicing, and testing services for various types of voice and data cabling.

Our technicians and installers use state-of-the-art installation practices, test equipment, and field-proven procedures to ensure the highest quality installation possible. All installations are fully tested and documented to industry standards such as EIA/TIA, BICSI, and NEC.

Structured Wiring Solutions:

  • Voice, Data, and Video
  • WAN, LAN and MAN
  • Category 3 voice applications
  • Category 5 multi-media applications
  • Gigabit multi-media applications
  • Fiber-optic Distribution Systems
  • Cable plant re-use

Outside Plant Construction:

  • Manhole and handhole placement
  • Utility pole placement
  • Conduit and duct systems
  • Directional boring
  • Facility entrance

Outside Plant Cabling Services:

  • Copper and optical trunk cabling
  • High pair count copper splicing
  • Optical cable fusion splicing
  • Aerial cabling
  • Buried cabling
  • Emergency cut cable service
Buried cable photo
Patch panel structure photo
Aerial cabling photo
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